an open-source, unofficial Chrome extension for CodePen.

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Custom Themes

Custom Editor Themes

Make tweaks to presets (including all of CodePen's themes, Monokai, and Cobalt 2) or roll your own entirely. Themes can be created with a built-in GUI or imported (and exported!) via JSON if that's more your speed.

Get themin'.
Distraction Free Mode

Responsive-friendly Pen Previews

Like using the code-on-top editor view? Don't like having to squish your code to test different viewport widths? Resize your Pen preview with a convenient draggable handle.

Mobile's my main squeeze.

Distraction Free Mode

Distraction Free Mode

Sometime's it's just nice to have some more screen real estate y'know? Distraction free mode (available via the change view menu) declutters the editor UI saving you dozens of precious pixels. Don't spend 'em all in one place.

CodePen? More like code zen.

Other Neat Stuff

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